Quick Start Guide

MapAlarm was optimized for an extremely straightforward user experience – just have a look!

adding places by tapping

You have quite a few option for adding places - but the easiest way is "tap & drop": If you've already zoomed the map where you'd like to add a place, just hold the map for a second!

A pin will drop & the "Place Details" screen will automatically show up:

Now just tap "Add task ..." and you can easily enter what you'd like to do here:

Now hit "Quit & save" and that's it - you've stored the task.

Now return to the map by tapping "Back" (top left in Place Details) and you'll see a golden bell on the map indicating an active alert:

Congratulations! You've just created your first MapAlarm :-)


other options for adding places

If you hit the + button on the map view ...

... you'll see other options for adding a new place to MapAlarm:

Just give them a shot!

For example, if you ...

  • want to add a reminder at a friend's home, tap "Choose from contacts" and have MapAlarm gather the address from your stored Contacts.
  • want to add a place right where you are, tap the crosshairs button (top left) to center the map around you & choose "Add pin at map center"
  • want to add a reminder at a certain address or sight, tap "Search...", type the address/sight name (or copy & paste it, if you've received it by email) and let MapAlarm look it up for you on Google

You'll see, it's all pretty easy!

And if you've any question or would like to give us feedback don't hesitate to contact us - just go to the "Info & Support" screen and drop us a line.